Tips to Plant Fruit Trees

Here is a short and easy guide to planting fruit trees in your garden.

You need to dig a small hole, about the same size of a spade with a width of 3 feet. Make the hole square in shape to encourage and allow the roots to spread in the nearby area. Do not throw away the soil, store it in a plastic bag.

Buy some garden compost and place it at the bottom of the hole. You will now have to mix the compost with the soil and repeat the process with stored soil in the plastic bag. You will need it later.

The trunk of the tree will have a darker shade that indicates the depth of the trunk inside the ground. Now, place the tree inside the hole to the level where you saw the darker shade. The tree is bare rooted, so place it at the center. You want to place them more or less about the same level where it was first found. You can add or remove some of the compost-rich soil to achieve this.

Now, remove the tree and insert a wooden stake, preferably a thick one, a few inches above the ground level. You will need a mallet to hold the tree firmly in its position.

Now, place the tree back into the hole and pour all the soil and compost mix back all around the tree with the help of a shovel. You will need something like your boots to press the soil mix every few inches so you can pour more soil into the hole.

On the last step, you will need fresh water to pour into the soil. If you have done your job well, you should see some results when the time is right and the weather is favourable.

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