How to Plant a Vegetable Garden

Do you want to plant a vegetable garden? Do you want to eat your own freshly grown vegetables? Don’t like the chemicals and pesticides that are added to the veggies by big conglomerates? Here is a short point guide.

Garden fresh vegetables are amazingly fresh, juicy and sweet in taste, and will simply amaze you. Here is how you can begin with your own vegetable garden.

Start Small

It is better if you own a small garden that is bearing fruits and veggies rather than owning a big garden that is barren. As a beginner, you need to begin small, and start with a few veggies at a time. Don’t go too big too soon.

Where and how to plant

It will be wise to plant in a location where there is plenty of sunlight. Plants need at least 6 hours of sunlight. Sunlight will have a direct impact on the harvest, and even the taste of the veggies.

Make sure the soil you are planting in the seeds is fertile, soft, and loamy. Use the highest quality of compost to enrich the soil of your garden.

It is necessary to keep sufficient space between your crops and plants so that they get enough nutrients, sunlight, and water. You don’t want them competing for space. They need space to grow too.

The seeds are equally important, so make sure you are using quality seeds. Otherwise, you might end up wasting a lot of time on trying to grow veggies, only left to wonder why you are not getting any results.

The size of the land where you are going to grow your vegetables is equally important. A small sized garden that you can begin with can be 16 x 10 feet. The number of crops that you can grow in this garden can easily feed 4 members of your family for an entire summer.

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