A DIY Guide to Worm Farm

Do you have recycled waste in your house? If the answer to that question is yes, then you can start an organic worm farm in your garden. The process is straight-forward, really, and it is also very inexpensive.

Everything you need can be found in your local hardware shop, so you don’t have to go too far. You will need three black utility boxes with some loose lids. Make sure you can open and close the lids easily. You will also need 12 x20 mm electrical threaded pipe connectors. You will be using these pipes at the base to allow the worms to move around from one box to another. Next, you need 2 spade drills and 4 air vents. Don’t forget the electric drill.

Place one box on top of another, and then place the whole thing pretty much anywhere in the garden. Place worm tea in the bottom box while the top two boxes should hold the worms. You will need worm compost which you can make from paper and table scraps.

Drill six holes at the base of the box in the middle with the drill, and insert the connectors. The longer part of your connector will be placed so that it remains on the outer side of the box. This will help support the other boxes. Make sure you drill the holes right, and the boxes are fitting properly. You will not drill holes in the bottom box because you are going to place worm tea in it, and because it will be placed on the ground.

You will notice that no foul smell is coming from the box, and that it is working perfectly if you have done your job right. The process will take time, but you will get worm compost that you can use to maintain your garden all year around. This is practically liquid gold for people who love gardening.

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